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 Meta-Humans and Humans

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PostSubject: Meta-Humans and Humans   Sun Jan 10, 2016 10:58 pm

General information

Name; Metahumans, humans
Alias; Metas, humans
Body type; Usually humanoid, but not always
Star system of origin; Sol
Home Planet; Earth
Habitat; Terrestrial
Atmosphere; They thrive in an oxygen/nitrogen rich atmosphere, though some (depending upon the nature of their abilities), can sustain themselves in an environment without a definable atmosphere.


Metahuman is a term coined by the alien race known as The Reach and used to describe any human being with what are commonly described as "super powers". One of The Reach discovered that some humans had a "biological variant" he called the meta-gene (also spelled "metagene"). This gene often lay dormant until a moment of extraordinary physiological stress activated it, and upon activation it would use the source of the biostress as a catalyst for "genetic change," resulting in metahuman abilities. There are also people born with superhuman abilities, suggesting the metagene can activate spontaneously and without any prior appearance in the ancestry. One well-known example involves Dinah Laurel Lance, the second Black Canary. Although her mother (Dinah Drake Lance, the original Black Canary) was a superhero, neither she nor her husband Larry Lance were born with any known metagenes. However, Dinah Laurel was born with a metagene, from which her famed ultrasonic scream, known as the Canary Cry, developed. Some metahumans may be born with incredible and incomprehensible powers and abilities. Examples of powers shared by many individuals include telepathy, telekinesis, flight, the ability to project energy, accelerated healing; and enhanced physical strength, agility, or senses—all to variable limits. Other metahumans may also experience a minor to radical alteration in physical appearance from the human norm—wings, gills, a tail, fur, altered skin-color, etc.


There are roughly 1.3 million metahumans on Earth out of roughly 8  billion people.
Roughly 99.5% of which are considered "nuisance-level" (such as kids who can bend spoons with their mind and the old lady "who keeps hitting at Powerball"). The other 0.5% of the Metahumans are people like The Flash who are ridiculously powerful.

Control & Countermeasures

Metahuman criminals are incarcerated in special metahuman prisons, like the one built on Alcatraz Island; Belle Reve. It is outfitted with provisions to hold criminals whose powers are science- and technology-based. Prisoners in this facility are tagged with nanobyte tracers injected into their bloodstream that allow them to be located wherever they are.
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Meta-Humans and Humans
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