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PostSubject: Magicians   Sun Jan 10, 2016 11:28 pm

General Information

Name; Homo Magi
Alias; Magicians, Mages, Wizards, Witches, etc
Star System of Origin; Sol
Home planet; Earth
Habitat; Terrestrial
Atmosphere; Akin to their Homo Sapien cousins, Homo Magi require Earth-similar atmospheres with a moderate level of oxygen, and even stronger level of nitrogen amongst other elements in the air. Through the use of powerful spells or magical artifacts, and the more likely technological equivalents, Homo Magi may prevail under alternative conditions.
Population; Considering Homo Magi are constituted by an entire populous of magic-wielding humans, it's no surprise that their population can't be accurately estimated. At most, it's known that their numbers are upwards a few thousand (on Earth, at the very least).

The Homo Magi can loosely be considered a sub-species of humans. To be precise, by the words of the Doctor Mist, a prominent magic-user, the Homo Magi are of the same origin as Homo Sapiens, branching off at some point in their history developing alongside their sapien counterpart. While all humans have the potential to use magic, Homo Magi are inherently more talented in this field at a genetic level.


Another dimension formed by some cosmic entity currently in the depths of sleep, the Darkworld housed the first Lords of Chaos (Chaon) and Order (Gemimn), as well as Tynan the Balancer; all were conceived via the sleeping entity's dreams. Their relation to Homo Magi lies in their status as Atlantis's dieties, considering each of them possess godlike power. Likely the reason for their worshiped status is the fact that through a massive chain created by the Atlantean Goddess of Nature Deedra, the Darkworld was tethered to Atlantis in similar fashion to Ifé connecting the Orisha's home dimension to the Earth.


The origin of all Homo Magi. Before sunken beneath the ocean from the event often referred to as "The Flood" some 9000 years before the 21st century, Atlantis was home to an abundance of unharnessed magical energies (wild magic). The local humans, Homo Sapiens, genetically changed into what is now known as Homo Magi as a result of exposure to the energies. These "humans" focused their genetic ability to use magic as a result, and learned to harness said mystical energies. In response to the Flood, some of these Homo Magi fled in fear of destruction across the world and even into other realms, while the inhabitants of Atlantis's cities Poseidonis and Tritonis, and possible others, survived through various means. In the end, Homo Magi are now spread across many lands.

Similarly to lions and tigers, horses and mules, Homo Magi are compatible with their Homo Sapien counterparts. In line with what Doctor Mist has claimed, Homo Magi will be more talented with magic than normal humans. This is true for all Homo Magi, as the gene that allows this particular "edge" is dominant, so to speak. The child of a Homo Sapien and Homo Magi will always present qualities of a Homo Magi. The reasoning is unknown for the time being.


Within a certain dimension, a location known as Gemworld is inhabited by Homo Magi. When magic dropped in level on Earth in compliance with cosmic phenomena, a sorceress known as Citrina traveled to Gemworld and struck a deal with the Lords of Chaos, the original owners of Gemworld, to create a realm to house her Homo Magi brethren. As a result, all of Gemworld's citizens are capable of magic, though at this point most have negligible levels of power.

Hidden City;

Deep in the mountains of Turkey in the Middle East, Doctor Mist is the leading authority of Hidden City. Within lives Homo Magi, led there by the doctor in fear of their Atlantean genes being diluted through relations with Homo Sapiens. Harnessing the Medulla Jewel, Doctor Mist has successfully shifted Hidden City into another dimension.


Doctor Mist is also the leading authority of an African Kingdom known as Kor. Approximately 2000 years after The Flood, Nommo (Doctor Mist) founded the kingdom as Wizard King. He became the guardian and chosen disciple of the mystical Flame of Life, a coveted existence for many Homo Magi. After absorbing the flame through a series of events forcing the situation, Kor now has an overwhelmingly powerful protector.

Land of the Nightshades;

Some Homo Magi exiles pay homage towards the Land of Nightshades under lead of Even Eden's mother. The Land of Nightshades previously had inhabitants, though the were eradicated by Eden's brother whilst under possession of a demon known as Incubus.

New Atlantis;

Forming an alliance with an alien race tentatively known as the Red-Moon Gods, Atlantean survivors of the city Challa-Bel-Nalla (likely survivors of The Flood), at the time ruled by Lord Daamon, an ancestor of Deimos. Through the Red-Moon Gods, these survivors were provided with advanced technology that helped establish New Atlantis.


Descedents of Homo Magi Atlantis traveled to the strange dimension Skartaris under the leadership of Lord Norrad the Younger. Skartaris is actually home to the aforementioned Deimos, as well as Jennifer and Travis Morgan, all three being affluent magi. Skartaris is referred to at times as a "world of eternal sunlight".

Atlantean descendant humans and Homo magi led by Lord Norrad the Younger, apparently made it all the way to the strange dimension known as Skartaris, a world of eternal sunlight. Jennifer Morgan daughter of Travis Morgan the Warlord is a Sorceress of Skartaris, as is Deimos the Warlord's archenemy.

Powers and Abilities


Homo Magi all possess the capacity to manipulate and channel magical energies. Due to the broad range of possibilities through magical energies, it's difficult to precisely comprise all the possible powers Homo Magi may gain.


With sorcery as their avenue, Homo Magi may develop inherent abilities such as telekinesis, flight, energy projection and molecular manipulations, and countless others.

Average Strength level;

The only thing truly separating Homo Sapiens and Homo Magi are their special genes; that being said, the average magus's strength is the same as a humans, assuming they have no magical or otherwise enhancements.


There is currently no known entity that can be regarded as the Homo Magi as a whole's weakness.
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PostSubject: Re: Magicians   Tue Jan 12, 2016 8:30 pm

Edit for original descriptions complete.
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