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PostSubject: Atlantians    Mon Jan 11, 2016 12:53 am

General Information

Name; Atlanteans
Star System Of Origin; Sol
Home Planet; Earth
Habitat; Undersea
Atmosphere; Ancient Atlanteans require Earth-similar atmospheres with a moderate level of oxygen, and even stronger level of nitrogen amongst other elements in the air. Despite that, modern Atlanteans are most plentiful in underwater environments, but are still capable of being over the surface for quite a while.
Population; Generally populating the Atlantic Ocean (as is the area of origin for their home, Atlantis), Atlanteans range in the tens of thousands. Ancient Atlanteans, given their title "ancients", have less known about their precise numbers.


Poseidonians; Residents of the City-State Poseidonis, referred to as Poseidonians, were for the most part human before "The Flood", also known as the Great Deluge. Under the circumstances, they were forced to adapt and in response developed a serum that allowed them to breath underwater. This serum affected their genetic structure, and was thus passed on to generations, enabling a completely aquatic society thereafter until modern day. Aquaman is a Poseidonian.
Tritonaians; A group of Poseidonians some 10,000 years before modern day migrated from the city-state and established themselves in Tritonis, under the leadership of Homo Magi wizard Shalako, thus dubbed Shalakites. At some point, Shalako cursed the Tritonaians after feeling betrayed, and their bodies became similar to the mer-people of modern-day Tritonis.
Idylists; Idylists were another group of Atlanteans with less of their origins divulged, though it is known that they retain their humanoid forms like the Poseidonians. They were both known to have the most potent magical ability amongst Atlanteans and be particularly superstitious peoples.

Powers and Abilities

Atlantean Physiology; Atlanteans are very different from normal human beings, contrary to their appearance. Like Homo Magi,, having undergone a different line of evolution as the years went by and the circumstances demanded changes, Atlanteans have now developed bodies totally suited towards underwater life. While not quite amphibious, they are capable of existing outside of water for quite a while.

As water provides intense pressure when deep enough, Atlanteans have inherently developed a number of physiological enhancements, including enhanced Strength, Durability, and Stamina. Additionally, Atlanteans, like dolphins, can use some level of telepathy to communicate, and is actually their primary method. Like all races, their exists individuals of particular talents; Aquaman, for example, possesses a much stronger level of telepathy than the rest of his citizens, and can actually telepathically communicate with other life forms.

Average Strength Level; As aforementioned, Atlanteans must cope with the pressure of living beneath the ocean. In response, on average they have developed enough strength to easily lift a hundreds of pounds with ease.


Fire & Extreme Heat; Adapting to underwater life has made Atlanteans vulnerable to higher temperates, though not to the extent of Martians. Although the Martians are even weaker to fire, the difference is negligible as even Atlanteans will eventually succumb to the effects.

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PostSubject: Re: Atlantians    Tue Jan 12, 2016 9:06 pm

Edit for original descriptions complete.
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