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 Suggestion & Feedback Template

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PostSubject: Suggestion & Feedback Template   Wed Jan 13, 2016 8:34 pm

This is obviously about suggestions and feedback, regardless of what it is. If you have suggestions for the site or plot or feedback about a member of the site or maybe how we are doing something please post it here. We can't fix an issue if we don't know it exists, unfortunately being staff doesn't give us any kind of psychic superpowers. Also, don't abuse this for nonsense please. If you start up any kind of unneeded drama without a good reason, there very well might be repercussions.

Name; (Most people want credit, lol.)
Suggestions; (Plot idea? Post it up. Idea for the forum? Post it up! We love any help our members is willing to offer.)
Feedback; (Think I am a sexy beast? Post it up. Hate my face because I am a mean asshat? Post it up. Have input on something? Post it up. We want to know what you are thinking. This isn't a dictatorship. We want your input.)

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Suggestion & Feedback Template
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