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 Canon Adoption

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PostSubject: Canon Adoption   Wed Jan 13, 2016 8:42 pm

Name; Your username, or any other epithet or alias you typically go by on the site?
Canon You Wish to Apply For; Which canon character do you want to play? Superman? Batman? Krillin?
Purpose and Intents; What do you intend to do with this canon, and how well do you think you can roleplay as this character? What are your intentions plot-wise, how do you plan to go about them? You taking this canon will strip them from their canonity, in fact, as you roleplaying them through their threads will add onto character development and transform them to some extent, so keep that in mind.
Canon Version; The DC multi-verse has many iterations, and while the Young Justice version has changed many characters from their different series, there are still characters that haven't been addressed here. Keep in mind, if there is a character that has been featured in Young Justice, the canon should only be in accordance with that "iteration". Otherwise, if they have not been mentioned in the Young Justice series, (e.g Supergirl) feel free to take them from elsewhere.
Role-Play Sample; Simply put, write down a role-play sample of how you will be controlling the character, so we get an idea of how you'll go about them in actual threads, and if you're actually capable to make things blunt. There will be no precise word-count demanded, but do try to put a decent amount of content so we have something of substance to judge off of.


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Canon Adoption
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