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 Ghislain Weismann

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PostSubject: Ghislain Weismann   Sat Jan 30, 2016 10:17 pm

General Information

Family Information:
Ghislain was born into the Weismann family, they are known in Russia and Germany for being extremely respected in their fields. So much so that the family packed up to help Wayne Enterprises in Gotham. This move had them leaving the Government that they valued and treasured. The family weren't the riches but weren't by any means starving. Ghislain's mother and father have earned much respect at the new company as well. The family's reputation proceeds them and the son is said to be a prodigy in his own right. Having a processing and photographic memory that is well beyond what most people suspect. When they brought him over, despite being the young age of seventeen. He's considered a few grades ahead of the schooling. Much like his parents he's inherited a tremendous gift that goes beyond what most children his age have. Intellectually speaking his photographic memory has provided him

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Ghislain Weismann
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