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 The Skill Sheet Thread

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PostSubject: The Skill Sheet Thread   Sun Jan 10, 2016 5:17 pm

The Rules For Skill Sheets

Grand Master : This is a level only available to those of B to S threat levels. This is a level to set apart the Masters from the truly Extreme Perfectionist of their skill traits. If you intend to have a Grand Master, it needs to be HIGHLY related to a characters skill. For example, The Flash is a Grand Master in both his General Speed and his Meta-Human powers because he's trained so much in that one area. Another example of this would be Superman or Shazam/Captain Marvel having their Grand Masters in Strength for obvious reasons. Do keep in mind, however, there can only be up to two Grand Master's in general for your characters application. We MAY allow three depending on the circumstance, but it, just like Grand Masters in general, needs to be HIGHLY related.

Threat level S: In each section threat level S is only allowed one master; however, there can be exceptions where they have two. If someone has more then this in each section, they are grounds for removal or transfer of that skill somewhere else. Apart from that, a threat level S can have three advanced.

Threat level A: Threat level A is allowed two advanced. Though, in some cases and special circumstances, certain characters have been allowed some masters in their application. Along with that, the rest of their sheet may be adept or beginner.

Threat level B: Normally threat level B is allowed 1 Advanced with two Adept's. It will not be uncommon, however, to see a few threat level B here or there with two advanced in one section depending on the circumstance.

Threat level C: Threat level Cs' are allowed up to two to three adept for each section. But, just like the others, if the person works hard enough or depending on the case, they may have one advance if they work hard enough.

Threat level D: Threat level D is allowed up to one adept for each skill section with the possibility of having two adepts in some cases.

Threat level E: Threat level E is only allowed all beginners unless a staff member states otherwise when grading the application.

Exceptions: Please note, like with everything, there are exceptions to the rules. So, with that in mind, admins or certain staff members admins appoint can sometimes give a threat level E an advanced skill level depending on the case. So not EVERYTHING is set-in stone.


Durability: Depending on your characters natural born level of durability they can possibly endure strikes from people such as Superman himself over a gradual period of time, or on the lower end of things it is very possible for a character to not last as long in a fight. The higher your Durability, the better off your character is enduring more damage naturally even without their powers.

This section is more tricky than the others. Durability is a characters natural capacity to take punishment and fight in spite of any possible injury. However, you can still have a master durability level, but still be made vulnerable to piercing, stabbing and slashing. You'll want to note any specifics that it doesn't work against. As they still can be taken out in other methods depending on the character (poison, sealing etc)

Grand Master Durability: You've now become a legend of durability after reaching this height of durability in the ToTS Verse. Often times, these characters will be extremely resistant against most forms of conventional damage. So, that means that multiple levels of kiloton based carnage is often needed to injure these types of characters. They can endure entire tank rows of missiles, bullets and energy blast and take quite a bit to wear down. They even possess the capacity to withstand two city-wide blast back to back. And, to restate, these feats can also be influenced a bit by threat level, abilities, equipment and other factors as per usual. This can also be taken to higher extreme with abilities such as Invulnerability.

Master Durability: Reaching this level of durability means that you are close to becoming a legend of defense. Characters that possess master durability often have some form of diamond hard skin and can tolerate a high volume of damage to them. These can range from multiple missile strikes (not nuclear), city-wide destructive blast (they wouldn't come out unharmed, but they can ENDURE) and other similar feats. Combined with other factors such as pain endurance or willpower, and these characters become quite hard to put down without a bit of effort. So, once again, to re-state, these feats can also be influenced a bit by threat level, abilities, equipment and other factors as per usual.

Advanced Durability: This is where a lot of the enhanced supernatural durability comes in. Upon reaching Advanced Durability, a character is more than likely able to endure a few energy blast, possess some form of hardened skin and otherwise deal with numerous projectile attacks. Examples of this could include taking multiple stab wounds and still being able to keep up the fight, getting showered in bullets but not dying (albeit damaged) and other similar feats are possible. It is even possible for them to live through something like tank fire and still live. And, to re-state, these feats can also be influenced a bit by tier, abilities, equipment and other factors as per usual.

Adept Durability: Once a character reaches adept levels of durability, they'll be able to withstand a lot more. For instance, they could endure numerous projectile based attacks, multiple blunt force trauma and their body could naturally become attuned to the world around them to help endure supernatural attacks. Explosive attack such as energy blast can be withstood at this level to, but it isn't advised for these characters to be in the ground-zero section of the assault. These can also be influenced a bit by threat level, abilities, equipment and other factors as per usual.

Beginner Durability: At this level, most characters can range from having their durability become extremely fragile to reaching the peak levels of human resistance at the higher end. This means that they can usually withstand numerous punches and a bit of abuse, but their still flimsy meat bags at this point. So, for example, a character could endure a force of wind slamming into the ground and get back up with some injury. However, if they were slammed into a solid surface like a brickwall, they'd probably be out of commission for a bit. These can also be influenced a bit by tier, abilities, equipment and other factors as per usual.


General Speed: This should be self-explanatory. General Speed will simply determine how fast your character is naturally. The higher your rank in this higher, the faster your character naturally is without the assistance of their super powers. The lower your rank, the slower your character is in general. This applies to their reaction time, how fast they can generate attacks, how quick they move and things of this nature. So be careful with this one.

Grand Master Speed: Reaching this level means that a character has more or less become a legend in speed. Even on the low end of the spectrum, the top-tier end of hyper sonic speeds are capable of being achieved for periods of time. While, on the higher end, brief periods of Omegasonic speed are possible. Hence, anywhere from Mach 16 speeds to Mach 25 are possible. However, like the previous list, you have to bare in mind that this will eat up a lot of energy and stamina from your character. So, their attack speeds, rate of healing and all other factors on their body having to deal with speed will more than likely see a major increase as opposed to their actual combat speed. Some may even get a mental buff in terms of how they perceive the world moving at such fast speeds.

Master Speed: At this point, you reach near the peak depths of speed in the ToTS verse. Upon reaching this level, most characters will be able to perform some form of Hypersonic speed. So, going from the low end of the spectrum to the high end, speeds at this level can range anywhere from Mach 11 to about Mach 16. Granted, this is where the body begins to become heavily taxed and it is advised characters attempt to transfer their speeds into different avenues at this point. Things such as their reaction time, attack speed and reflexes are more beneficial areas in the character that will become greatly heightened. Mach 11 to Mach 16 speeds, even in marathon or sprint form, should only be done in straight line burst or the character risks damages themselves. Some form of control is needed on this level or they will burn out.

Advanced Speed: Once at Advanced Speed, the character reaches a new level of momentum and can begin travelling at Supersonic. Going from the low end of the spectrum to the high end, speeds at this level can range anywhere from Mach one to Mach ten at its highest. So it goes without saying characters at this range become somewhat hard to keep up with. These factors can be determined by tier, abilities and equipment as well. And, once again, depending on what they specialize in, they can maintain a LITTLE UNDER half of this speed at Mach 4, or they can do them in quick burst of Mach 8 to Mach 10; BRIEFLY reaching hyper sonic speeds at that point. Just keep in mind that they will get tired if this speed is constantly used. So it's better to use roughly 20-40% of their sum speed in combat to keep them from tiring out.

Adept Speed: At this level is where actual supernatural speed is had. In burst of speed, some characters are capable of moving at subsonic speeds. From the low to high end of these spectrum, the speeds in this skill level can range anywhere from 100MPH to 600MPH at the highest. These factors can be determined by their tier, abilities and perhaps other variables such as equipment. And depending on what they specialize in, their speed can be maintained or done in quick burst. For example, if your character decides to be a marathon-type runner, then the character could keep up a speed of 200-300MPH at a steady pace. Whereas, if they a sprinter or short-distance runner, they could potentially even reach speeds close to mach one.

Beginner Speed: When it comes to speed stats, most beginner users are pone towards average to peak human condition speeds. These can range anywhere from 5 to 10 miles per hour all the way upwards of 18 to 25 miles per hour. Supernatural and mystic beings naturally have a deposition to be on the higher end of the spectrum due to their racial traits more often than not. So someone of certain races may be more incline to even be slightly faster; such as having their peak speeds at 30-35MPH.


Strength: Strength will determine how strong your character naturally is. If they are on the high-end of this chart, they may be able to destroy buildings, rip through steel like paper, lift insanely heavy things and other amazing acts of this nature. If you want an extreme example of this Strength, all you have to do is look at Radioactive or Kenpachi Zaraki. Natural Born Strength can help with getting the edge in on causing more damages to your opponent and being overall more powerful.

Note: On all levels, even beginner, most of these people are subject to exhaustion. Just as a physical fighter would get tired within a fight, throwing their full strength around WILL make these characters exhausted after awhile.

Grand Master Strength: Grand Master strength is where unearthly strength is achieved and legends are made. Once a character is able to reach this height of strength, they'll be ble to lift nearly any man made objects, lift through entire mountains with focused effort and they'd even have the capacity to punch straight through asteroids themselves. On the high-end of the spectrum, there is the potential for stronger candidates of this section to destroy huge chunks of moons with their utmost strength being put into it. So this type of strength can damage entire cities, put small nations in danger and they turn into absolute menaces to society at this level. Henceforth, these characters are often rare due to the scope of power on this level of strength.

Master Strength: This is where champions are born. At this point, most characters will be able to lift entire battleships, whole buildings, trains and any massive structure one can think of. Of course, most of this is going to take some form of physical effort, but it is a testament to how far their strength can go on all levels. This includes every single race in the ToTS verse. On the high-end of the spectrum, it is even possible for them to cut through mountains with their fist. Though, this is often more easily done on the higher end of the threat level A spectrum itself. So this is again also influenced somewhat by various factors with the characters threat level, abilities and other equipment. Having said that, in combat, they can often outright fight entire armies with their fist, wipe out districts of a city with their strength and even produce earthquakes in the wake of their strength.

Advanced Strength: When it comes to advanced strength, most characters will see major boost at this point. Some of the feats they'll be able to achieve at this point will be moving tanks with effort, destroying numerous city blocks with a focused strike and even outright punching or lifting aircraft such as a Boeing 747. On the high end of the spectrum, it is possible for stronger members to outright maul their way through opponents by lifting small cargo ships and buildings. This goes for both supernatural, spiritual or any organic being depending on factors relating to abilities, tier and so on. So in realistic combat they could be considered quite dangerous due to the fact that their strength can break many types of things in the environment.

Adept Strength: This is where most characters will begin to see actually forms of super-strength. At this level most characters should be able of producing feats similar to lifting cars, throwing large boulders with ease or picking up good sized chunks out of the earth. On the higher end of the spectrum, it is possible for stronger members of this skill range to lift something as massive as a semi-truck if they absolutely push themselves. This goes for both supernatural and organic beings. Thus, in combat they'd most likely apply this ability by smashing walls through buildings, smashing up cars with a few good hits if they try and producing small carters in the ground with enough force.

Beginner Strength: Beginner strength can be comparable from levels ranging from an average human's level of strength all the way up to peak human condition. This means that this level has a start capacity of being able to lift less than 150lbs all the way to 1,500lbs for some of its strongest members. These factors can be varied based upon their threat level, abilities and other enhancements or body-types. As, for example, a demon would more than likely be on the higher end of this spectrum as opposed to a human because of their natural vitality.


Weapon Skill: Weapon Based skill is simply how good your characters are with different types of weapons. For example, it can determine how well they craft their weapons, how well they use them in combat or how well versed they are with them. In cases of sword fights or whatever else has you, the person who has the higher skill level here can possibly turn the tides in battle.

Grand Master: At this point, you are a legend of weapon based combat. It has become so infused into your character that some characters gain a sense of weapon intuition and can often learn most types of supernatural, natural and otherwise weapons just by grasping it and wielding it. Along with that, they often can forge most types of weapons that come to mind provided they have the energy, resources and knowledge to do so. As, at this point, their information of weapon based combat is almost second to none in most cases. So the same can be applied to most of their weapon techniques and they can often even make a pair of chopsticks a dangerous weapon if push comes to shove. These can also be influenced a bit by tier, abilities, equipment and other factors as per usual.

Master: You are considered a master of the weaponized arts when you reach this level of weapon skill. Often times, you can create most techniques that come to mind with any type of weapon you are specialized in. Furthermore, your character will usually have some form of expert knowledge on most types of combat based weapons and can use this knowledge to create many tools. Complex weaponry can be formed with multiple features, empowered effects and turn more efficient than normal weapons. They'll also generally know how to fight with most types of weapons, but their specialized style will be the strongest and most expansive. These can also be influenced a bit by tier, abilities, equipment and other factors as per usual.

Advanced: Your character pretty much knows what they are doing at this level. When your character is at advanced they can begin devising more complex weapon techniques, abilities and so on. Some of them make sense, others cannot make sense; it depends on how much experience, knowledge and creativity your character has in their fighting style. Along with that, they generally have a knack for picking up all sorts of different styles of weapons based combat. So they can begin forging more complex swords, bullets, axes and other weapons with basic powers. (I.E. forging a fire sword or something to that effect) These can also be influenced a bit by tier, abilities, equipment and other factors as per usual.

Adept: At this point, you know an applicable amount of knowledge about weaponry. Your striking speed is increasing, your stances are more rigid and you can begin applying basic concepts to your fighting style. Most characters of this level can begin forging simple knives, daggers, swords, guns and thing sof this nature. There is still a lot of room to grow, but it's better than the alternative. These can also be influenced a bit by tier, abilities, equipment and other factors as per usual.

Beginner: You can pick up a sword. This literally describes this level of weapon skill for the most part. Often times, you know little to nothing about weapons based combat in the slightest. Most stances with weapons will be shoddy at best, and flimsy at worse. Your strikes have little to no power behind them and you certainly can't craft much of anything at this level. If you train enough, however, you can advance to the next level. These can also be influenced a bit by tier, abilities, equipment and other factors as per usual.

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The Skill Sheet Thread
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