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 The Rules

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PostSubject: The Rules   Sun Jan 10, 2016 7:52 pm

These are the founding Rules of TOTS RP; Please Read All

<< We appreciate that you've taken time to join or at least consider Temperature of the Soul as your roleplaying site. For without you the people, we wouldn't have much of a site to begin with. So, in light of that, in order to mend yourself into the site and get started role playing, there are a few, but simple rules you need to understand in order to become apart of this community. Let's get started on this, shall we?


<<  Below are some basic rules of Temperature of the Soul, they really don't need any extend Definition, so we'll compile a list for you.

NOTICE:We are a 13+ site. Therefore, we contain a lot of profanity, violence and all that good stuff. We do have more tact in how we use it, don't expect much censoring around here.

• Real Rule:
We staff are people just like you are. The only thing that separates from us is the fact we can manage boards, add them, ban people and enforce or create rules for the site. However... That's about it. With that said, we'll make mistakes, we'll sometimes misuse our power by accident and might not catch everything. However. we'll do our best to provide you the best service we can in spite of this. On this site the people run it, we are merely a means to an end. If you feel any staff, be they Mods or Admins, is misusing their power in any way please notify us immediately otherwise we can't fix it. However, if you -as the saying goes- 'cry wolf' you will be the one who is punished.

• Conflict and Drama:
When it comes to Conflict and Drama, we all know these things are unavoidable at times, but if possible keep these to a minimum. This means doing what you can to resolve the problem at it's source. (The Two Afflicted Parties.) Listen to staff when they say to knock it off. If you persist during an active Conflict or Drama, it is likely you will be kicked or banned for a period of time. If unable to solve it between the affected parties, ask an Admin or Mod to mediate. However, if you do this what they say to solve the problem will be it. There will be no more BS over it. If you don't like it, don't drag people into your issues.

• Respect and Harassment:
To get respect on this site, you need to earn it, as well as give it. Rather it be from staff, among staff, with members or whatever scenario you desire. Not even staff is going to get automatic respect, but that does not mean you can simply talk down to them. There needs to be a sense of neutrality and maturity within you to at least acknowledge the people who do their work to maintain the site for YOU and know the consequences which may occur in insulting or disrespecting a staff member. The same occurs for your fellow members. It's one thing to not respect someone, it's another to utterly harassment them; which WILL NOT be tolerated here. Rather it be with my own staff or members.

• Common Sense:
This site runs on a large notion of assuming our beloved members can use common sense in order for it to be run. Therefore, sometimes you will need to use your wit. Such as if YOU KNOW a rule like God Modding is against the rules, but you do something to try and control the action or outcome of a character anyway. To make everyone happy, just know when to apply it. This isn't to be disrespectful to our new members, but some people need to be reminded.

• Our Content n' Language:
We don't give a flying FUCK if you decide to curse like a sailor, but PLEASE warn us if you link NSFW (Not Safe for Work) images or links in the chatbox. This is to prevent others from getting into trouble or being put in awkward circumstances. Things that fall under that are nipples showing, ecchi, gentials being shown and things of that nature. (Common sense people. Would you REALLY want your mother, friends or coworkers seeing a big titty anime girl shaking her ass n' tits on the screen? I don't think so.) Furthermore, these IMAGES aren't allowed to be posted on the site's board, but smut is fine in the mature board.

• Avatar/Sig/Image:
Although we don't necessarily have a concrete limit on how big these things can be, if it ends up stretching out the page, we'll usually end up resizing it for you without your consent. Therefore, the best WIDTH for avatars is usually 140 to 150 on the site. While images  are usually best up to 500-600 width. The same applies to most images. Height is usually a non-issue, unless with a bit of common sense, it's something absurdly long that takes eons to scroll past.

» Below is the information you'll need in regards to creating a character or using one. Please read over them carefully and remember the process for the future.

• When You Can Start Using Your Character:
You can start using your character once it is fully approved by a staff member. Otherwise, any post you make will be against the rules and you will be subjected to either archival or temporarily being disabled from posting in RP sections of the site if it becomes a habit. However, if some RARE cases, a semi-approved character may be able to be used. Which is essentially a term for a character on ToTS that has personality, powers (or no powers if powerless) and so forth written; but no history.

• How To Write Character Profile:
You go to the Character Template section HERE and choose one of the templates you want to use. Once you have chosen what race you want to make, you copy the code at the END of each post, go to "WIP" if you plan to post the base code up and work on it overtime, OR go to "UNCHECKED" if you already have everything ready for review. Make sure to follow the template correctly, although we allow customization such as coding, graphics and all that. ALSO MAKE SURE TO WRITE IT IN THIRD PERSON OR I'LL END YOU! (Posting in 1st/2nd person is fine for threads, though.)

• Perfect Characters:
This essentially falls under the Gary Stu/Mary Sue category, but since I feel that's a buzzword, I'll just go ahead and say no perfect characters allowed. These are people who are perfect in every way. From their personality, to the powers, to their history and so forth. We're all human here and even though we have a wide variety of races to choose from, none of them are to be perfect beings. Everything has a flaw in some way or some sort a weakness, make sure to state that in your profile somewhere.

[color:0e4a=#0000ff• Application Posting:
DO NOT post in a ANOTHER members application if you are NOT staff OR the person who made the character. Failure to do so will result in your being moved to archives or deleted and possibly you being disciplined. There will be exceptions, such as if you are asked by the person in question to do so or a staff member, but if you don't have relevant information or are another staff member, stay out of it.

• Character Limit:
AS FAR AS CANONS GO, you are limited to roughly two canon's depending on the circumstances at hand and one's ability to maintain the character as a whole. Along with that, you are also free to have as many characters such as OCs as you can maintain. However, the recommended amount is roughly ten in total; as more than that can lead to balancing issues in the site's face claim system.

If important characters go inactive because of your workload, we'll deal with it as the cases come to us. And as a personal note, it's better to focus on building up a small number of characters to be high quality, then making multiple low quality or "spur of the moment" type characters. Put some thought into them. It'll save staff and the people in this community grief and you'll have a more developed character.

» In the section below, you'll find much information about the rules behind threads that occur on ToTS. Read this category very carefully.

• Character Count:
We are not asking for a novel to be made for every single last post, but the minimum word count in your post should be at least around 150-200 words. This is to make sure that there is sufficient material for the other person you are playing with to reply to. To check this, simply check the "WORD COUNT" box on left side of the forum.

• Readability:
You don't have to have ultra perfect and flawless post when it comes to grammar, punctuation and so forth. However, it needs to be readable and understood by the other character. This is so people can actually know what the hell is going on in your post. So do us a favor and make sure to read over your post at times to make sure it flows.

• Godmodding:
What is godmodding? Godmodding is when one person plays or creates a character that can never be destroyed, harmed, etc. This can also be applied to post where an attack is impossible to dodge, counter or otherwise doesn't allow the user to be harmed in any shape or form. The character, however, can hurt and/or kill the other characters without giving the other characters a chance. Please try to avoid this, as we will discipline people who do this on ToTS.

• Metagaming:
Meta-Gaming is essentially having external knowledge that your character shouldn't know. Such as if you read a characters profile, saw their weakness and suddenly had your character know it. Or if a character was thinking: "Gee whiz, Bob sure is a dick." and suddenly Bob gained the ability to read minds and told him to stop calling him a dick. If you get the gist of what I am saying, this is essentially Meta-Game is NOT allowed on ToTS.

• Sexual Content:
As far as smut/sex threads go, none of those CANNOT take place in any of the RP boards. Instead, it needs to be taken to the Mature Board in order to prevent unwanted eyes from seeing it. You'll also need to be placed in a special group in order to see it within the Admin Panel. You can have a staff member of admin rank put you in by request.

• Thread Tags:
These are CRUCIAL to your thread. These tell people what kind of thread to be expecting usually. Below are some of the main ones used. Feel free to name them however you want, but they generally break down into the following categories:

Quote :

✔ Open Thread - This usually means anyone can join the thread. Though they'll need to co-operate with the original poster (OP) in order to know when to post.

✔ Private Thread -
What this tag often means is that this is a invite-only thread. So say if you just wanted to RP with another friend on the site, you could make a private thread to prevent them from entering. However, don't expect to abuse this tag. Such as if you are an opposing force in behind your enemy's lines trying to start up some shenanigans. In this case, you may not have a private thread because you are an enemy more or less.

✔ Casual Thread - This generally means that little to no violence will occur in a thread. Such as if you simply want to have a thread where people are gathering in a park setting for some social fun. However, if a fight occurs, usually the members in the thread will need to get the permission from the ORIGINAL POSTER or STAFF (if that person isn't active or present) in order for it to occur. Otherwise, they will need a new thread or suffer reprimanding by staff for breaking the rules.

✔ Fight Thread - This usually refers to a thread where, of course, fighting is going to take place. Now these can range from [Spar Thread] for training/light-hearted fun, to [Serious Fight] for encounters that may turn more ruthless in the nature of their injuries; such as maiming, limb loss or even death.

✔ Event Thread - These refer to threads where major site events are taking place. These can range from Mini-Event, Pre-Event, Event or Major-Event. Usually there will be an announcement or thread explaining the context of the event.

✔ Solo Thread - This refers to a thread where a person only RP's with themselves. This can be for training, interacting with other characters and so forth. Please to not abuse this either due to the fact EXP gained through Solo Threads is only half of EXP gained with one or more people.
• Death: As far as Death goes on ToTS, it is enabled by default if the thread you are in is not properly tagged or you enter into an event. This is to say that if you walk into an open thread, usually ANYTHING can happen. While, if you walk into a open thread that is tagged "A Night In The Forest [Open: NO DEATH]", then no death should be taking place unless the original poster agrees to change the course of the thread or for an event to take place and makes sure that others taking part in the thread aware of it so that they can exit the thread if needed.

Additionally, death is not something that can happen at the drop of the hat. Instead, a member must complete a death application thread if they feel they have made a fatal blow. From there, once it is filled out, a panel of 2-3 staff members will overview it, discuss it and determine if it should go through or not. If two or more staff members approve it, it will generally go through depending on the circumstance. You can skip this process, however, if you give consent and request a staff member move your character to deceased.

Occasionally, if a member is gone and is never expected to come back, and they held a very important position; there is a CHANCE for off-screen death to explain their lost. Although we'll try to avoid this outcome, if someone had a major character leading AC, then we may have something of an assassin kill them off-screen. Although, as we say, we NEVER do this with active characters or even people who go on temp leave. This is only done with people who WE KNOW are never coming back and have EXTREMELY high-ranked position. Even more than that, if they have a plan of sorts before leaving, we won't even bother with it. Such as if they placed someone else in charge of simply stepped down from their position.

Below are the rules to be maintained in our site's chatbox. Please make sure to read them and follow these rules to ensure we all have a good time.

• Spam:
Please do not spam the chatbox. This one is pretty self-explanatory, but it's worth mentioning anyway. Abuse of this will result in a kick or ban in the chatbox by one of the moderators or admins of the site.

• Advertising:
Please do not advertise other role playing sites in the chatbox unless you are given permission by one of the moderators/admins of the chat. This means posting links to other RP Forums for the most part. Failure to do this will result in a kick/ban from the box.

• Fight Rule:
If there is a large fight or incident going on in the chatbox amongst members or staff, most of the moderators or admins have the right to temporarily gag, kick or ban you in order to keep you from posting to otherwise to prevent the situation from escalating.

• Serious Topics:
 Try to avoid talking much about politics/religions in 'The Box' otherwise known as the Chatbox because it can instantly bring up hostile environments and fights. Take these sorts of controversial talks to the serious board in order to better discuss them.

• Notes:
While you are in ToTS's chatbox, you should make a name that is readable along with avatar. If you need help with getting set-up on there, we will assist you in that.  It's also worth a mention that The Box is the fastest way to communicate with members on the site. You can easily find people to RP with, make character relations and find a few friends and such. It is also possible to join our Skype for further easy access.

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The Rules
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